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Hey, my name's Alice. I'm 15, I live in England & my life can probably be summed up with "Keane". I'm a Stranger until the end of the earth :)

This blog is 100% Tom, Tim, Jesse & Rich
Why I love Strangers & the whole Keane fandom

1) Probably best of all, you are all SO LOVELY! I mean like every single one of you I’ve spoken to is just so nice, & I’m not making this up at all- you genuinely are. (I have a theory on this- Keane’s music is really emotional & deep, and to understand that you must be able to empathise with other humans, which means you are all so lovely.)

2) Most band fans take topless photos of the band for granted. Then there are the Keane fans, getting excited over arm porn (er, short sleeved shirts), chest porn (a 1cm lower than normal neckline on a shirt), and Tom taking off his shirt to reveal… another shirt underneath.

3) You make me seem normal.

4) You are the first people I have ever been able to talk to and go on & on & on for literally hours about things like Tom’s new shirt or the new way he sings the “ohhhhs” in Somewhere Only We Know or Jesse’s comments in an interview or Tim’s glasses or Richard’s new beardless face or that funny part of an interview etc. etc. etc.

5) Sort of like number 1 I suppose, but you never rub it in about seeing Keane live or meeting them or whatever. Until a year ago I’d never seen Keane, but I never felt like people were rubbing that in. I’ve still never met them. It’s the way you talk about it, I don’t know. You’re so nice about it. Trust me, that is pretty unique in a fandom.

6) You’re always there for a chat.

7) You always help other Strangers out- there’s like this wonderful family thing going on.

8) I swear you know TTRJ better than they know themselves. Do you remember what you said on a random day 4 years ago? No. But could you quote everything TTRJ have ever said in any interview from 4 years ago? Yes.

9) Whenever Keane get nominated for an award, even against far far bigger bands, you always make sure we win by voting on every single internet enabled device you can get your hands on. It’s brilliant.

10) You make the most hilarious gifs and posts which really brighten my days. They are brilliant, thank you so much!

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    I love you guys! ♥
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    Can I add to that? 11) Age is no handicap. Us (*ahem!!*) more mature fans are equally accepted as the rest of you...
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